Top Five Arizona Golf Courses For All Player Levels

Ak-Chin Southern Dunes, Maricopa

In Maricopa, Ak-Chin Southern Dunes is a paradise for the pro and a godsend for Phil Mickelson. The landscape offers calm surroundings, enabling golfers to focus on their game. Not content to be second best, Ak-Chin Southern Dunes stays on top of its conditioning and playability. There’s no time for slow-pokes, as a steady, sustained game is encouraged on the 18 hole course. With native turf, flowing hills, and tees ranging up to 7500 yards, the upscale Ak-Chin Southern Dunes golf course is maintained by Troon Golf.

Troon North Golf Club, Scottsdale

Located in the Sonoran Desert, the thirty-six hole,semi-private Troon North Golf Club stands out as a gem of Arizona courses. Spanning the foothills and ravines, its a challenge for all levels, Troon North Golf Club is on every list of “must play” courses. Breathtaking views and recent course changes by Tom Weiskopf have taken the experience on the course to a new level. Fresh and original configurations make the course less intimidating and elevated its playability.

Gold Canyon Golf Resort, Fold Canyon

Far from the standard course layout, the Gold Canyon Golf Resort is recognized as the top- rated Arizona public golf course. Designed according to the confines and contour of Dinosaur Mountain, the course has a high playability for all levels of golfers. With shifts in elevation, long fairways and an abundance of native trees and cacti, the Gold Canyon golf course introduces a bit of a challenge for players.

Grayhawk Golf Club, Scottsdale

Grayhawk Golf Club is certainly on the bucket list of any golfer. Home to the most desirable courses in Arizona. The golf club features the finest 18-hole courses in Arizona, the Talon and Raptor. Overlooking the McDowell Mountains, the courses are comfortably squeezed into rising canyons, sheer drop-offs and native trees and flora. All levels will enjoy Grayhawk Golf Club as it’s recognized by Golf magazine as one of the “Best Public Golf Courses in Arizona.”

TPC Scottsdale, Scottsdale

Considered by many as the “mecca” for golf in Arizona, TPC Scottsdale is a class above golf courses in Arizona. Designed by Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morrish, the “Stadium” course combines skill, knowledge and challenge for the beginner to the pro. Beginners will delight in mastering a professional course. Known for its lavish, manicured greens and the surrounding environment, TPC exceeds the expectations players have.

Birdies for the Brave how its helping soldiers heal

Birdies for the Brave has proudly raised more than $15 million to help Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Homes for Our Troops, Navy SEAL Foundation, Operation Homefront, Military Warriors Support Foundation, Green Beret Foundation, United Through Reading, K9s for Warriors and other organizations that help American military troops and their families. Over 20 Professional Golf Association (PGA) Pro players have made a commitment to assist these various groups.

When a PGA event is held, Birdies for the Brave gives away many complimentary tickets to active and reserve military members. Often times, these are tickets that the military member could not otherwise afford. The support at each event, however, does not stop there. The military members in attendance receive complimentary food and beverages in a designated area where they can talk and laugh with others who have bravely served the country. Furthermore, Birdies for the Brave often presents military programs honoring these outstanding men and women. Those military members who are able are given the opportunity to caddy for a professional golfer during PGA events.

Military members enjoy many long term benefits from Birdies for the Brave. They can receive a set of golf clubs from Callaway Golf along with free golf lessons. Some of the money raised is used to provide service dogs to military members diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorders or with traumatic brain injuries. In cooperation with the Military Warriors Support Foundation, select military members can also receive a 100 percent mortgage free home. It can be very traumatic to give birth when your spouse is on active duty overseas, therefore, these women are given a baby shower to help make the time easier for them.

Phil and Amy Mickelson created Birdies for the Brave in 2006 to support combat-wounded veterans. They felt that family was the most important thing in their lives and wanted to assist these veterans so that they could concentrate more on giving back to their own families. The partnership has been a huge success that continues to grow larger every year. This worthwhile program will continue to grow in the years ahead as more people become aware of it.

Best Buddies International Celebrates its 19th Year

To celebrate the 19th year of Best Buddies International, a huge gala took place in Miami last November. Over nine hundred people attended the celebration including a number of celebrities that have been supporting the organization, such as Verne Troyer and Steve Aoki. The event, co-chaired by power couple, Jackie Soffer and Craig Robins, proved to be a huge success and ended up raising over two and a half million dollars—all of which will go to furthering and developing the Best Buddies Foundation.

The event made for a great night, complete with a fantastic dinner, cocktail hour, and a silent auction, which is where a huge portion of the proceeds came from.

Some of the items that were auctioned off during the night included items that are themed around the Best Buddies organization, memorabilia, a plethora of trips that involve luxurious vacations all over the globe. One of the biggest items that were given away during the silent auction was a trip to attend the Olympic games that will be held next year, in the summer of 2016 in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.

Steve Aoki also put on a brilliant performance at the gala, as he is one of the most well-known and celebrated DJ’s that are around today.

Although the event was capped off during the evening hours with the entire presentation, silent auction, performance and dinner events, the day started bright and early, with a 62-mile charity bike ride that was held throughout the streets of Miami. Alonzo Mourning was also in attendance and was handing out signed balls to anyone that donated one thousand dollars or more to the organization.

All in all, the event was a tremendous success, as a great deal of people that have a lot of influence on the general population and the community came together to support a great cause. Everyone needs someone in life to have a connection with, who they know they can turn to if they need something and providing people with this type of love and support is what Best Buddies is all about. The night was a huge success and the amount of money that was raised what a huge plus, which should help the organization to continue to thrive in the years to come.

Superior Healthcare for Elderly Patients

The world is rapidly evolving with old corporate giants like General Electric and General Motors being usurped by the new digital giants: Google, Facebook, and Twitter. In this information age, new innovators are taking advancements in the ways we communicate, gather data, and simply go about our everyday lives to bring forth technologies that leverage those changes to help ordinary people. There is perhaps no other industry more greatly affected by these shifts than the healthcare sector. Here, billions of dollars are being pumped to help the world’s greatest innovators create the next big thing.

One of the ways the health care industry’s brightest minds believe patient care can improve is in the gathering and coordination of patient data. This can range from the great work done in neighborhood medical centers like JenCare in coordinating all aspects of their patient’s health by keeping all the patient’s doctors completely informed to the more advanced work done by researchers like IBM, creating a supercomputer that can keep up with patient history, analyze treatment opportunities and stay informed on the latest in medical research in order to help doctors make better diagnoses and recommend treatments.

Elderly patients in particular will be helped by advancements in technology that leverages the new ways we can connect with one another. One of these advancements is dubbed the MedMinder which acts as a digital pill dispenser for those who might have some trouble keeping track of the medication that need to take. The child of the patient can log onto the Internet to remotely help keep the patient on schedule. If the medication is not taken, a friendly reminder pre-recorded by the child – or grandchild – is played. If there is still no luck, then a family member can receive a text, email or call in order to remind their loved one. With memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s, technologies like MedMinder can dramatically improve an elderly patient’s health.

And these are just a few of the new ways bright minds are looking to improve the health care industry and help ordinary people live more healthy lives. From coordinating care, to improving communication, to even the dozens of apps dedicated specifically to helping people stay healthy, technology is changing the way health care operates for the better.

Chipotle closed until 3 p.m. Monday for food safety staff meeting

Scratch that burrito of your list of lunch possibilities today.

Chipotle, the fast-casual Mexican food chain, is closed until 3 p.m. for a company-wide safety briefing after outbreaks of norovirus and E.coli sickened customers.

While you may have to wait for your daily guacamole fix, the company says customers can tap into the briefing through Twitter and Periscope starting at noon ET.

About 50,000 employees are expected to attend the meeting by gathering in areas such as hotel conference rooms and movie theaters to hear broadcast remarks from executives.

Employees and customers alike may finally get an explanation from Chipotle regarding how E. Coli and norovirus outbreaks occurred at its restaurants last year. Executives promised to overhaul the company’s food safety standards and at an investor conference last month, Mark Crumpacker, chief creative and development officer, said people would get “a detailed story about what happened.”

Chipotle has been in crisis mode for months since the illnesses were traced to its restaurants. Its sales and traffic plummeted in the fourth quarter and its stock price has tanked. Shares are down about 1% in morning trading Monday.

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Source: USA Today


WellCare Medicare Members in Atlanta and Chicago Can Now Access JenCare

JenCare is becoming very important and instrumental in helping families that are dealing with special needs of their parents. It is opening its’ doors to well care members in the Chicago and Atlanta areas. A parent that is in need of palliative care or a specialized therapy is in good hands with the people at JenCare in Chicago and Atlanta areas. The partnership will allow better services for you. JenCare has the best doctors that have information on elderly care and the help it can provide. Jencare and ChenMed are available to support your parents’ needs with medical care in house or at home.

What to expect when your parents begin to get some age on them. Some elderly individuals may begin to lose the ability to walk or to bathe themselves. Others may need help remembering to take their medications or help getting dressed. No matter what the need, a good geriatric doctor like those at JenCare are able to direct you in the right direction. If your parent is forgetting things such as medication and how to bathe, the doctors may suggest home health care. With home health care, the family member may also receive things like therapy. Medicare pays for some home health care services. It also pays for care services that a person may receive if they are in a palliative care status.

No one wants to think about their parents as terminal. It is a hard thing to reach that disastrous time in life. We all want to make sure we do the best for our parents. After all, our parents took care of us. They gave us life and supported us until we were able to take care of ourselves. Heck, some of us may still be depending on our parents. If we reach the time where we need to make the difficult decision for Hospice or Palliative care, we will depend on our geriatric professionals to lead us to the best.

ChenMed or JenCare are both good resources to lead you in the directions you need to go with your loved one. Do not rely on yourself if you can have the help you need. Medicare is there to help with the expenses. Reliable care services and therapy services are available for anyone needing. Check with Medicare or your medical insurance first. When it comes the time for your parent to enter into a long-term care situation, make sure to check the facilities out first. Talk to your parent’s doctor and get their recommendation on a long-term care facility. You want the best for your family member so always rely on the recommendation of your parents’ doctors and their friends.

Women fare worse than men after heart attack

Women have different causes and symptoms of heart disease than men, which are more deadly if not caught, according to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association.

Symptoms of heart attack in women can be atypical or vague, risk factors are more potent, and there are more instances of spontaneous events, the researchers said. Many heart attacks in men are caused by the buildup of plaques in arteries, but women often have no significant blockages.

“Over the last 10 years or so, we’ve learned that women’s hearts are different than men’s in some significant ways, and while that’s helped reduce mortality, there’s much more to know,” said Dr. Laxmi Mehta, a cardiologist at the Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, in apress release. “Most heart disease research is done in men, so how we categorize it is based on men. We need more science in women.”

The scientific statement, published in the journal Circulation, lays out several additional risk factors for heart attack in women, based on what researchers write is 6.6 million women effected by coronary heart disease each year. Of the women affected, about 2.7 million have a history of heart problems.

Regardless of age, researchers found 26 percent of women die within a year of their first heart attack, as opposed to 19 percent of men. Within five years of a first heart attack, 47 percent of women die, have heart failure, or have a stroke, while 36 percent of men experience one of the three.

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Source: UPI

Where to Find Superior Healthcare for Elderly Patients

Healthcare has become an increasingly important subject, especially with all of the controversy that has surrounded the major changes that have taken place over the last few years. However, receiving the proper healthcare is drastically important when you or someone in your family is elderly and requiring the next level of care. If you can choose a health system that focuses on and specifically cares for the elderly, like JenCare, you’re starting off on the right food. For people in this type of situation, it may be best to patient care centers, which are also known as homes for the elderly, and palliative care.

Palliative care is essentially an individualized game plan that aims at taking care of a patient the best way possible, on a case by case basis, due to the fact that there are so many things that could be affecting a person that is elderly. This type of palliative care has proven to be very effective and provides some of the best comfort possible, especially when an elderly individual is dealing with a lot of things that are making their live painful and difficult.

Although many people may not want to go to a live in center, which is totally understandable, it is a great idea to at least check out the options that are available and make a decision on what is best for the individual. The best way to figure out what is going to work best is to do some research and look at the various centers and palliative programs in the area and also call to inquire about services, or even arrange a meeting to discuss the various programs that are available to you.

Health care changes a great deal when a person gets to an age when the medical problems start piling on, which truly is something that inevitably happens in life if you are lucky enough to live to such an age. However, dealing with the problems that life throws at us does not have to be extremely difficult and uncomfortable, which is why it is such a great idea to check out the various live in facilities for the elderly, as well as the great amount of palliative programs, which can help an elderly individual to achieve the best quality of life possible.

It is also a great idea to get online and see if you can find reviews and ratings on various centers in your area, as this will give you a pretty good idea as to what other people think about the various facilities.

Health Ministries: Healing Through Jesus

To have the desire to help those in need is one of the powerful urges in the world. Combine this with one’s own faith in Jesus Christ takes this desire to a whole new level. People from all walks of life who hold their faith close often times desire to have their health and medical procedures done in places and performed by people who understand that healing and faith go hand in hand. This is why the need for more workers in faith based health systems has never been greater.

Health Ministry jobs are rooted in the belief of Christ as a healer, helping those suffering and in need of care. Choosing a path in health ministry jobs can set a person down a path where faith can aid those looking to be care for with both medicine and Christ’s love. The Church still represents many wonderful things for people and communities. It is the mission of a faith based healing network to promote healing as a whole which includes body and soul. These advocates promote a holistic well-being, and the need for more workers is increasing.

Ministries like Ascension have grown at enormous rates. Both the largest non-profit health system in the U.S. and the largest Catholic system in the world, Ascension has worked to impact communities everywhere in the most positive way. Working for such a health ministry would allow a worker to provide countless benefits to surrounding communities. Health networks such as Ascension provide medical access to many people, further than traditional charity. These organizations are perfect for those willing to emulate the healing works of Christ and wanting to work to make their communities better.

While giving back to the community I rewards in and of itself, networks like Ascension work to better the lives of its workers. A wide array of benefits such as, dental and wellness programs exist, many health ministries offer work and spiritual balance in the workplace.

Thousands of people rely on the medical healing and the spiritual guidance offered by health ministries. Workers are needed more than ever who hear the call to bring Jesus’ teachings to those in need. Faith based healthcare can bring both medical care and peace of mind, that is why more people are needed in this career path.

Resolves for Common Health Problems

People want to be healthy, but they don’t always do the necessary things for achieving this. It’s not unusual to hear Best-Health-Insurance-Companies-in-the-USsomeone saying that they are going to see a doctor for a simple headache. Even if sometimes the simple headache is a sign for a very serious problem, this happens very rarely, as most of the times the reason for this ache can be the lack of fresh air, a bad sitting position or not enough sleep.

Everything that you do from an early age, will influence you through all your life. If you get used to not eating in the morning, then you won’t eat in the morning neither at 30 years old, nor at 50 years old. You create your own habits, but make sure that those habits bring you benefits.

Here are some simple resolves for common problems, and what benefits you get if you practice these.

Physical Activity, Sport and Nutrition

It was proven by scientists that practicing a sport or a physical activity every day would help in delaying some health problems, like cancers, diabetes, heart disease, depression or a bad mood. Sedentariness is sometimes a heartthree_600x450characteristic of old age, but this is not necessary the case. It doesn’t matter what age you are, because if you can’t run for 30 minutes, you can still walk outside for the same period of time. Apart from practicing sport every day, you can also take care of what you eat. Choose those foods that are rich in nutrients, and avoid as much as possible candies or sweets. If you still want to have a sweet, go for a fruit – it is better and it’s natural.


Obesity and Overweight

This is also a common problem, but it’s a serious one as this influences your chances of developing a type 2 diabetes, hypertension, a coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis, stroke, respiratory problems, and even cancers for prostate, colon or breast. If you have a serious problem, you should start an appropriate diet with the help of your nutritionists, combined with sport and even plastic surgery. There are some procedures that can help you get lose of the loose skin around your belly once you have lost weight, and there is also a procedure that can decrease the size of your stomach to eat less food and to lose weight. Ask your doctors about any of these options if you have such a problem.



This is a really bad habit that more and more people get, and now it is actually a disease. The term is ‘tobacco dependence disease’ and there are also cures for this. It is true that it is not easy, but the most successful treatment is an exercise of will, as you won’t be able to quit smoking if you don’t really want to. There are pills or aids that are Healthy lifestyle concept with dancing active people.used to help you go through the quitting process, but your will is the thing that has the best effect of all.

Mental Health

The general term is dementia, but it’s not actually a part of the aging process, as some people believe. This can be the result of different illnesses, some bad reactions to different medications, hearing problems, different infections, diabetes or renal failure. The Alzheimer’s Disease is actually a form of dementia, and some of these forms can be only temporary. However, the most common problem for people over 50 years old is the depression, which can lead sometimes to suicide, if it’s not treated on time. It’s hard to avoid this kind of illness, but it’s also easy to prevent it. All that was mentioned about sport, diet and overweight until now represent some of the best prevention methods, if they are applied from a young age.