America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. A bastion of equality and a shining example for the rest of the world. If all of this were true, then why did it take them 241 years to recognize and respect the rights of disabled Americans. I personally think it is shameful that the ADA has only been around since 1990 and it should have been enacted a lot sooner.

What is the ADA?

The ADA or the Americans with disabilities act, is a law that was passed in 1990, and provides protection against discrimination of the disabled under the law and is primarily utilized in the workforce. While the ADA was a landmark decision, the rights of the disabled are still subject to discrimination. For example, there are limitations on how much the disabled can earn before losing benefits such as <a href=””>Medicaid</a>. What’s more, even though the laws have changed the mindset of employers has not. I cannot see how the intellectually disabled can ever have a chance to be independent of their parents when many of them work in minimum wage jobs. Look around the corporate offices of America and tell me how many disabled people work in the corner office. Society needs to change its attitude towards the disabled and stop limiting the potential of these able bodied members of society.

SourceAmerica is paving the way

Companies like SourceAmerica are paving the way for disabled in the workforce. SourceAmerica, founded over 40 years ago, and is an outsourcing <a href=”
“>non-profit</a> for the disabled and matches disabled workers with corporations and government organizations. SourceAmerica creates meaningful relationships and has a mission of changing the mindset of the workforce when it comes to the consideration of the disabled. All American companies need to stand behind businesses like SourceAmerica and change the outlook for the disabled persons of this country.