Islamic Organizations that You Can Donate to

With so many trying times going on all over the world right now charity organizations are more important than ever. Below are just three great organizations that individuals can donate their time and money to.

1. IRUSA: IRUSA is an amazing organization that has been helping to change the world for more than 25 years. They currently serve over 40 countries and donate to millions of people and causes every year. Each individual of IRUSA works to make the world a better place by responding to emergencies, offering their humanitarian work and donating their time, money, and effort to different organizations and individuals in need all over the world. In recent years IRUSA has donated time, money and tons of products and goods to the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis as well as the hunger crisis in Yemen and the hunger, medical, and refugee crisis currently happening in Syria. Everyday IRUSA strives to make the world a better place one cause at a time.

2. Cair: Cair is a great organization that works to defend the civil rights of Muslims. It was originally established in 1994 and has worked to offer civil rights to individuals all over the world. Cair staff and organization members work tirelessly to resolve discrimination issues. They use a variety of different methods including meditation, negotiation and even legal action. Their mission is to ensure that every American regardless of faith has the same civil rights. Since first being established Cair has helped more than 25,000 individuals. Cair often offers their services for free and works entirely on donations. It is one of the best causes to donate to to help fight discrimination.

3. United Muslim Relief: the Muslim United Relief Fund is an organization based in the United States that works to guarantee that everyone has a right to live in a world free of poverty. Each dollar and member of the United Muslim Relief Fund works to provide medical treatment as well as other basic Social Services to those in need. Their mission is to ensure that all people regardless of their faith have access to clean drinking water as well as good health care. To date they have helped over 700,000 people receive medical treatment. They offer a full line of educational programs as well as campaigns to help deliver their message. They are one of the best organizations to donate your time and money to.

Although there are many great charity organizations these are just three of the top ones that rely heavily on donations. All of their time, money, and effort is used to give back to those in need.

Resolves for Common Health Problems

People want to be healthy, but they don’t always do the necessary things for achieving this. It’s not unusual to hear Best-Health-Insurance-Companies-in-the-USsomeone saying that they are going to see a doctor for a simple headache. Even if sometimes the simple headache is a sign for a very serious problem, this happens very rarely, as most of the times the reason for this ache can be the lack of fresh air, a bad sitting position or not enough sleep.

Everything that you do from an early age, will influence you through all your life. If you get used to not eating in the morning, then you won’t eat in the morning neither at 30 years old, nor at 50 years old. You create your own habits, but make sure that those habits bring you benefits.

Here are some simple resolves for common problems, and what benefits you get if you practice these.

Physical Activity, Sport and Nutrition

It was proven by scientists that practicing a sport or a physical activity every day would help in delaying some health problems, like cancers, diabetes, heart disease, depression or a bad mood. Sedentariness is sometimes a heartthree_600x450characteristic of old age, but this is not necessary the case. It doesn’t matter what age you are, because if you can’t run for 30 minutes, you can still walk outside for the same period of time. Apart from practicing sport every day, you can also take care of what you eat. Choose those foods that are rich in nutrients, and avoid as much as possible candies or sweets. If you still want to have a sweet, go for a fruit – it is better and it’s natural.


Obesity and Overweight

This is also a common problem, but it’s a serious one as this influences your chances of developing a type 2 diabetes, hypertension, a coronary heart disease, osteoarthritis, stroke, respiratory problems, and even cancers for prostate, colon or breast. If you have a serious problem, you should start an appropriate diet with the help of your nutritionists, combined with sport and even plastic surgery. There are some procedures that can help you get lose of the loose skin around your belly once you have lost weight, and there is also a procedure that can decrease the size of your stomach to eat less food and to lose weight. Ask your doctors about any of these options if you have such a problem.



This is a really bad habit that more and more people get, and now it is actually a disease. The term is ‘tobacco dependence disease’ and there are also cures for this. It is true that it is not easy, but the most successful treatment is an exercise of will, as you won’t be able to quit smoking if you don’t really want to. There are pills or aids that are Healthy lifestyle concept with dancing active people.used to help you go through the quitting process, but your will is the thing that has the best effect of all.

Mental Health

The general term is dementia, but it’s not actually a part of the aging process, as some people believe. This can be the result of different illnesses, some bad reactions to different medications, hearing problems, different infections, diabetes or renal failure. The Alzheimer’s Disease is actually a form of dementia, and some of these forms can be only temporary. However, the most common problem for people over 50 years old is the depression, which can lead sometimes to suicide, if it’s not treated on time. It’s hard to avoid this kind of illness, but it’s also easy to prevent it. All that was mentioned about sport, diet and overweight until now represent some of the best prevention methods, if they are applied from a young age.