Organizations that are helping with flooding in India and Bangladesh

The people of Bangladesh and India have been devastated by serious flooding. They are in desperate need of help and charitable organizations are responding to their urgent needs.

The Chennai Flood Relief Fund is helping the families of the hundreds of people who have perished and families in the thousands who have been displaced and have nowhere to go. They are providing relief with emergency supplies including medicine, water, and food for the victims of the flooding. They are additionally supporting all recovery and local efforts with the donations they have received. They are assisting the efforts of the first responders to provide shelter, food, clean water, fuel, and hygiene products. After the completion of the initial efforts they are supporting efforts made for the long term.

IMRC stands for the Indian Muslim Relief & Charities. Their teams were onsite as soon as the water receded from the roadways and the airports were once again open. They immediately assisted more than 15,000 individuals by providing medical camps and began distributing emergency packages. The realize their work has just started and the victims have lost almost everything they had. Their executive director traveled to Chennai personally to help with the distribution of the emergency kits and treating the people with necessary medicine. They are working to reach the desperate and the poor. Their medical camp is focusing on the neighborhoods hit the hardest and their kits for survival are being packed and readied for distribution. The kits contain blankets, sheets for beds, mosquito coils, mosquito nets, men and women’s clothing, candles, towels, lentils, rice, tea, sugar, and cooking oil.

Islamic Relief Worldwide has concentrated their efforts in Kishanganj and Katihar where the damage from the flooding is the worst. There have been thousands of sources of water contaminated leaving the people without fresh water. They went to Bihar and Assam to set up two water treatment plants of an extremely high capacity with the capability of providing 7,500 people with clean water. Islamic Relief Worldwide has provided 5,000 households with soap, buckets, hygiene items, and temporary shelters. These numbers will increase as soon as additional funding becomes available. Two water treatment plants have been established in the Jamalpur district and are providing 3,000 people with 20 litres of clean water every day. They are assisting with the food shortages caused by the severe damage caused to large areas of cultivated land. Islamic Relief Worldwide is making a difference.
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Yousef Al Otaiba Makes an Impact as UAE Ambassador to the US

Preparation for a Life of Diplomacy
Yousef Al Otaiba ( was born on January 19, 1974. As the son of former OPEC president and United Arab Emirates (UAE) oil minister Mana Al Otaiba, he got a glimpse of the world of negotiation and cooperation on an international scale. As a young man, Al Otaiba attended the Cairo American College, which gave him opportunities to develop himself in an international environment. Yousef Al Otaiba continued on this international track by completing a degree at Georgetown University and accepting a fellowship at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.

These experiences would position him well for his future career, particularly in terms of his understanding of the culture, politics, and institutions of the United States. Before taking a post abroad, though, Yousef Al Otaiba headed back to the UAE to serve under Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan as Director of International Affairs for the Court of the Crown Prince. During his tenure, he gained experience working with American military, diplomatic, and intelligence officials. He also persuaded other actors in the region to lend their support to the “surge” in Iraq.

Ambassadorship and Philanthropy
After a stint as the UAE’s non-resident ambassador to Mexico, Yousef Al Otaiba accepted an appointment as ambassador to the United States in 2008. Many observers have called Yousef Al Otaiba a welcomed moderate Muslim voice. He has clearly stated his opposition to groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS; he has also taken a cautious approach to Iran.

Beyond his obvious duty to promote economic and political cooperation between the United States and the UAE, the ambassador has sought to cultivate a positive image of his country through various philanthropic activities. Among these activities, he has held fundraisers for institutions and organizations providing medical care to children. This includes a $150 million donation to the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C. The ambassador knows how to plan an event and whom to invite, a skill which he has used to raise funds for other medical centers, too. In the aftermath of natural disasters in the United States, such as Hurricane Sandy and the tornadoes that wreaked havoc in Joplin, Missouri, Yousef Al Otaiba organized emergency relief efforts for the affected areas.

Service across Administrations
In 2010, the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce recognized Yousef Al Otaiba as the Ambassador of the Year. Having straddled three different administrations during his time as ambassador, Yousef Al Otaiba continues to use his networking and diplomatic skills to improve financial, military, and cultural ties between the UAE, the US, and other regional powers in the Middle East. He lives with his wife, Abeer Al Otaiba, in McLean, Virginia.

Philanthropies that work with Religions for Peace

Religions for Peace is an organization that was founded in 1970 that strives to bring religious communities together for the purpose of peace. This organization is run by its vision of creating a world where religious communities cooperate together for peace by combining through common actions. They are committed to leading efforts on the international stage that foster peace through local, national, and international levels. Religions for Peace work with many different organizations from all over the world to achieve this mission. A few of the organizations include:

World Justice Forum

This independent organization has the purpose of working towards advancing the rule of law all over the world. Through their many efforts, they are fighting corruption, poverty, disease, and general injustices. They believe that by eliminating these injustices, communities can experience equity, peace, and opportunity. The World Justice Forum engages leaders and citizens from around the world in many different disciplines to change and advance these rules of law. Their goal is to increase awareness about injustices, help with policy reforms, and create programs that can be used on community levels.

Islamic Relief Worldwide

IRUSA has been around for 32 and has a presence in more than 40 countries. They strive to make the world a better place for the more than 3 billion people that are living in poverty. This organization is guided by the Islamic faith, which gives them a passion for having a duty to those less fortunate, regardless of political affiliation, gender, race, or beliefs. Their goal is to empower and join together communities to lessen the suffering of people of all religions.

Church World Service

For more than 70 years, the Church World Service has worked to build a world that creates enough for everyone. They believe that each individual and community has the right to take ownership of their own futures. Regardless of religious beliefs, every person has the right to create their own lives. This organization stays on the ground, helping communities create solutions that they can maintain on their own. They help refugees find and start new lives, communities start over after disaster, and regions create new agricultural and educational services.

CARE, International Inc.

This organization promotes empowerment, addresses discrimination, promotes non-violent resolutions, seeks sustainable results, and works in partnership with others to promote the protection of humanitarianism. They provide individuals and communities with assistance based on their needs, regardless of nationality, race, or religious backgrounds. Their vision is to continuously seek tolerance, social justice, and hope for every person.

Hope for Henry Event Attracts DC’s Political Figures

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give,” said Winston Churchill.

The Hope for Henry Foundation is one of those charities that can make a huge difference around the country. The organization has been growing in popularity since 2003, helping to improve the quality of life for more than 16,000 children fighting cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Re-Designing the Pediatric Patient Experience
The Hope for Henry Foundation creates amazing programs that entertain, take away stress and empower children to become active participants in their own hospital care.

The foundation focuses on a child’s smiles and laughter, entertaining young patients with gifts, parties and pure fun and simply allowing kids to be kids. Distracting a child from his or her medical treatments, pain and boredom of their hospital stay, are just a few reasons the foundation lives on.

No Wingtips or Stilettos Required
The foundation held a super successful charity event in a Georgetown, D.C. bowling alley. Missing was the stiff, black-tie formality and equally fussy clothing. Instead, the Hope for Henry Foundation stuck to its fun for all roots at the cozy Pinstripes Bowling Alley for the 2015 charity event.

The bowling competition was a blast, with famous faces like CNN’s longtime anchor Wolf Blitzer, Georgetown cupcake owners and sisters Sophie Kallinis Berman and Katherine Kallinis Berman, comedian Donnell Rawlings, former Department of Health and Human Services Head Kathleen Sebelius and Yousef Al Otaiba (, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the United States of America.

More Than Pins and Keeping Score
Adding extra pizzazz to the event, featured a silent auction with items liked a signed guitar from the popular Australian singing sensation Cody Simpson, as well as an exquisite four-restaurant tasting by local celebrity chef Jose Andres.

Guests also enjoyed a cocktail hour with great appetizers, music and even a surprise visit from comic book fame’s Spiderman.

The charity event is so unique in concept, it has attracted coverage from the esteemed Washington Post, local television broadcast affiliates and others.

The Hope for Henry Foundation is non-profit organization located in the Washington, D.C./Baltimore area. The foundation has been the winner of numerous awards, being cited most recently by People Magazine’s “Heroes Among Us” in 2016.

To learn more, visit the Hope for Henry Foundation here.

Social Enterprise Lets You Donate to Charity by Watching Ads

Ads are everywhere there’s media to be consumed — on your TV, in your airwaves, on your smartphone.

Entrepreneur Matt Sawyer realized advertising didn’t need to be a one-way channel. Enter AdWap, or “Advertising with a purpose,” the social enterprise Sawyer cofounded two years ago.

AdWap is an app in which users can watch up to 10 ads per day. With each ad viewed, a portion of ad revenue is donated to an AdWap-selected charity.

In other words, by watching the ads, you’re donating money to a cause you care about — without spending any of your own.

Organizations currently benefitting from AdWap viewership include Penn State’s THON, The Trust for Public Land, Operation Underground Railroad, Project ALS and about 20 more.

AdWap’s app formally debuted two months ago but has already raised $3,384.95 as of a few days ago, according to the in-app counter.

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Miami’s Annual 365 Party Fundraiser

The 365 Party and After Party, an annual celebration and fundraiser for Miami’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, was held on November 11th. Cartier and City National Bank partnered in the creation of the event. Ellen Salpeter, Director of ICA Miami, welcomed guests and updated them on the institute’s initiatives and programs.

Among the famous faces who attended the bash were renowned fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and supermodel Elle MacPherson, who served as an honorary chair along with Madeleine Arison and Petra Levin. ICA Miami’s Founder Circle members Allan Yarkin and Ray Ellen were honored for their years of philanthropy in the community. Also recognized was civic leader Alberto Ibarguen, President of the Knight Foundation which promotes the furthering of a healthy democracy through it contributions to journalism and the arts. Also in attendance were ICA Miami committee members Marc Spiegler of Art Basel, collectors Irma and Norman Braman, and Jackie Soffer (

World famous choreographer Michael Clark provided the entertainment for the evening. Clark’s work combines elements of various styles, including pop, rock, punk, and ballet, to create a unique mix of the fluid and the vibrant. Clark has parlayed the attention he has received for his groundbreaking choreography into highly acclaimed collaborations with a bevy of well-respected artists. Trailblazing electronic producer Total Freedom provided the DJ services for the exciting After Party that began around 9:30 p.m. and lasted well into the night.

The Institute of Contemporary Art works to provide free access to contemporary art in an effort to give Miami’s residents a wide range of cultural knowledge. Besides acting as a fundraiser, this year’s 365 Party begins the official countdown to the opening of ICA Miami’s new permanent home in the Design District. Enthusiastic guests between $250 for individual tickets and $25,000 for a Gold level table for ten (Full details on the website).

Birdies for the Brave how its helping soldiers heal

Birdies for the Brave has proudly raised more than $15 million to help Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Homes for Our Troops, Navy SEAL Foundation, Operation Homefront, Military Warriors Support Foundation, Green Beret Foundation, United Through Reading, K9s for Warriors and other organizations that help American military troops and their families. Over 20 Professional Golf Association (PGA) Pro players have made a commitment to assist these various groups.

When a PGA event is held, Birdies for the Brave gives away many complimentary tickets to active and reserve military members. Often times, these are tickets that the military member could not otherwise afford. The support at each event, however, does not stop there. The military members in attendance receive complimentary food and beverages in a designated area where they can talk and laugh with others who have bravely served the country. Furthermore, Birdies for the Brave often presents military programs honoring these outstanding men and women. Those military members who are able are given the opportunity to caddy for a professional golfer during PGA events.

Military members enjoy many long term benefits from Birdies for the Brave. They can receive a set of golf clubs from Callaway Golf along with free golf lessons. Some of the money raised is used to provide service dogs to military members diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorders or with traumatic brain injuries. In cooperation with the Military Warriors Support Foundation, select military members can also receive a 100 percent mortgage free home. It can be very traumatic to give birth when your spouse is on active duty overseas, therefore, these women are given a baby shower to help make the time easier for them.

Phil and Amy Mickelson created Birdies for the Brave in 2006 to support combat-wounded veterans. They felt that family was the most important thing in their lives and wanted to assist these veterans so that they could concentrate more on giving back to their own families. The partnership has been a huge success that continues to grow larger every year. This worthwhile program will continue to grow in the years ahead as more people become aware of it.

Best Buddies International Celebrates its 19th Year

To celebrate the 19th year of Best Buddies International, a huge gala took place in Miami last November. Over nine hundred people attended the celebration including a number of celebrities that have been supporting the organization, such as Verne Troyer and Steve Aoki. The event, co-chaired by power couple, Jackie Soffer and Craig Robins, proved to be a huge success and ended up raising over two and a half million dollars—all of which will go to furthering and developing the Best Buddies Foundation.

The event made for a great night, complete with a fantastic dinner, cocktail hour, and a silent auction, which is where a huge portion of the proceeds came from.

Some of the items that were auctioned off during the night included items that are themed around the Best Buddies organization, memorabilia, a plethora of trips that involve luxurious vacations all over the globe. One of the biggest items that were given away during the silent auction was a trip to attend the Olympic games that will be held next year, in the summer of 2016 in Rio De Janiero, Brazil.

Steve Aoki also put on a brilliant performance at the gala, as he is one of the most well-known and celebrated DJ’s that are around today.

Although the event was capped off during the evening hours with the entire presentation, silent auction, performance and dinner events, the day started bright and early, with a 62-mile charity bike ride that was held throughout the streets of Miami. Alonzo Mourning was also in attendance and was handing out signed balls to anyone that donated one thousand dollars or more to the organization.

All in all, the event was a tremendous success, as a great deal of people that have a lot of influence on the general population and the community came together to support a great cause. Everyone needs someone in life to have a connection with, who they know they can turn to if they need something and providing people with this type of love and support is what Best Buddies is all about. The night was a huge success and the amount of money that was raised what a huge plus, which should help the organization to continue to thrive in the years to come.