Flying can be an exciting way to travel, whether with a commercial company or a privately owned jet, the experience can be largely different. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride in the luxurious cabin of a Lear jet, with plenty of leg room and sipping a cup of coffee from your favorite mug, instead of being crammed into that crowded economy seat with the screaming kid behind you kicking your back the whole flight and the guy listening to JAY-Z on his IPod sitting beside you?
Celebs such as Oprah, John Travolta, Jim Carrey, Sergey Petrossov, and of course Gates and Trump all enjoy in the privacy, flexibility of creating your own flight schedule, and of course the luxuriousness of being treated like a Celeb (regardless of who you are) by the crew. Many Celebrities own personal aircraft as well as using private jet chartering services from time to time, and you can to. Here is a handful of the more affordable companies working out of the U.S. that offer private jet chartering services.

Global Express – Fly with up to 19 passengers from practically anywhere on Earth straight to any city that you want to visit, with no more than one refueling stop. Special flights such as New York to Tokyo, Paris to L.A., and Taipei to Chicago are offered with no stops at all. Global Express has a fleet of $40 million dollar Bombardier jets that you can charter flights on from $7,818 an hour.

Paramount Business Jets – This 3,500 aircraft fleet can fly you anywhere, anytime. They claim to have the most competitive prices in the industry, starting at $1,700 an hour and ranging upwards of $23,000 an hour. their massive fleet includes very light, light, super light, midsize, super midsize, large, and ultra-long range jets, VIP and turbo prop aircraft, turbo prop, regional, short, medium, and long range airliners, as well as helicopters. PBJ is actually a broker for clients who own and operate their private aircraft, in other words they do not own their fleet, and they simply manage it.

Pentastar Aviation – Founded back in 1964 as the internal flight department of Chrysler, the company is now owned by the legendary Edsel B. ford II and is located at the Oakland County International Airport in Michigan. The impressive company has received awards yearly for the past two decades, making them one of the most trusted in the industry. Prices start at $1,200 an hour and range all the way up to $9,000 an hour. Their fleet includes helicopter, turbo prop, light, mid-size, super midsize, heavy, and ultra-long range aircraft. They can fly you anywhere.

Other trusted names in the private jet chartering industry include XOJET, One Sky Jets, Vista Jet, Luxury Aircraft Solutions, and Blue Star Jets, LLC.