The people of Bangladesh and India have been devastated by serious flooding. They are in desperate need of help and charitable organizations are responding to their urgent needs.

The Chennai Flood Relief Fund is helping the families of the hundreds of people who have perished and families in the thousands who have been displaced and have nowhere to go. They are providing relief with emergency supplies including medicine, water, and food for the victims of the flooding. They are additionally supporting all recovery and local efforts with the donations they have received. They are assisting the efforts of the first responders to provide shelter, food, clean water, fuel, and hygiene products. After the completion of the initial efforts they are supporting efforts made for the long term.

IMRC stands for the Indian Muslim Relief & Charities. Their teams were onsite as soon as the water receded from the roadways and the airports were once again open. They immediately assisted more than 15,000 individuals by providing medical camps and began distributing emergency packages. The realize their work has just started and the victims have lost almost everything they had. Their executive director traveled to Chennai personally to help with the distribution of the emergency kits and treating the people with necessary medicine. They are working to reach the desperate and the poor. Their medical camp is focusing on the neighborhoods hit the hardest and their kits for survival are being packed and readied for distribution. The kits contain blankets, sheets for beds, mosquito coils, mosquito nets, men and women’s clothing, candles, towels, lentils, rice, tea, sugar, and cooking oil.

Islamic Relief Worldwide has concentrated their efforts in Kishanganj and Katihar where the damage from the flooding is the worst. There have been thousands of sources of water contaminated leaving the people without fresh water. They went to Bihar and Assam to set up two water treatment plants of an extremely high capacity with the capability of providing 7,500 people with clean water. Islamic Relief Worldwide has provided 5,000 households with soap, buckets, hygiene items, and temporary shelters. These numbers will increase as soon as additional funding becomes available. Two water treatment plants have been established in the Jamalpur district and are providing 3,000 people with 20 litres of clean water every day. They are assisting with the food shortages caused by the severe damage caused to large areas of cultivated land. Islamic Relief Worldwide is making a difference.
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