Health care seems to be an issue in which everyone and their brother has an opinion on. However, not everyone and their brother can agree on how to resolve the national issue. Some are for universal health care so that even the poorest of our nation’s citizens can see a doctor; whereas others are against it because they feel every person is for him- or herself. Many believe that the government has no place in controlling health care for anyone, let alone a whole country of people, so the sole responsibility should be upon the individual. While many can agree that limited government involvement in individual matters is great for several things, they cannot seem to look the other with health care. There are several thousands of Americans that want affordable health care to be available to everyone in this nation, even the homeless.

Many people have been affected by the economical downsizing of many businesses throughout the country and thus this has created an even bigger epidemic with the issue of who is responsible for health care: the masses or the individual? If you have not personally experienced a medical hardship in which you were liable for all the costs then it seems fairly likely that you will agree that the individual is responsible for providing his or her own health care. However, if you have struggled or witnessed someone close to you, or even a stranger, struggle with either obtaining and/or keeping health care you are likely to agree with the universal health care idea.

Whether you view health care as a privilege or a right the fact of the matter still stands that we all need it. Frank Garrison touched on this in a recent Tennessean piece. The very livelihood of the human existence is reliant upon keeping the race healthy and able to maintain that help for generations to come.